Every now and then, I get emails from new traders asking, “Please show me a winning system”.

This is a sincere request, but at the same time it’s also completely misguided.

You see, beginner traders often believe that if they get access to a winning system, they’ll soon be making money.

In other words, they believe the reason they aren’t making money right now is because they don’t have the “right” system.

But is that a realistic assumption? Does success in this business ultimately boil down to the trading system?

Can You Fly An Apache Helicopter?

If I gave you an Apache helicopter right now, would you be able to fly it?

If you had access to top-class medical facilities, would you be able to perform open heart surgery next week?

Probably not.

It’s ridiculous to even ask in the first place.

And yet there are people who believe they can do that with trading. They think that once they get their hands on a winning system, they will automatically become successful traders.

Wearing A Pair Of Nikes Does Not Make You Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan didn’t become one of the world’s most successful athletes because he wore Nike shoes.

In the same way, having access to a winning system won’t make you any more a successful trader than having Rafael Nadal’s racket will make you a better tennis player.

You can invest in the best tools and equipment, but it makes absolutely no difference without the proper training.

It’s Not The System. It’s The Trader.

A trading system is a tool to the trader, just like a hammer is a tool to the blacksmith.

The skilled blacksmith can use an ordinary hammer to forge a great sword, while the amateur will be unable to forge anything half as good, with even the best hammer.

You can buy systems and tools, but you can’t buy skill. It requires guidance, determination, and practice, practice, practice. There are no shortcuts around this.

So if you’ve been having little success with your trading, perhaps it’s time to stop looking for the “right” system, and start looking for the proper training instead.