Escaping Full Time Employment

Twenty years ago, the ability to make a living without being employed at a job, was a privilege.

These days however, with companies outsourcing and automating labor, this has now increasingly become a necessity.

Nevertheless, the joy of escaping employment lingers long […]

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Understanding Margin In Trading

(Read the first part on Understanding Leverage here)

As you know, it’s not the maximum leverage, but the actual leverage that harms our trading account.

However, the maximum leverage does play an important role in our trading, and must not […]

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The Over-Trading Problem

The two most common and significant trading mistakes are:

  1. Trading too often
  2. Trading too large

Put together, these over-trading tendencies account for the majority of losses among retail traders.

So why do so many people fall into this […]

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Trader Cargo Cults

During World War II, the U.S. Military stationed forces on some islands in the Pacific ocean. They kept military equipment and supplies on these islands, and built makeshift runways for planes to land and take off.

Interestingly, the military personnel found […]

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