Trading In Public

Trading is a deeply personal activity.

Like painting or singing, it’s not something most people would want to do in public.


Because these activities are focused on the training process – where mistakes are often made.

As non-professionals, any time we paint, sing, […]

FX Concepts Winds Down

FX Concepts LLC was once the world’s largest Forex hedge fund that at its peak managed more than 14 billion in assets.

As of September 26, that number has declined to $661 million.

Founded in 1981, FX Concepts has suffered significant losses […]

Escaping Full Time Employment

Twenty years ago, the ability to make a living without being employed at a job, was a privilege.

These days however, with companies outsourcing and automating labor, this has now increasingly become a necessity.

Nevertheless, the joy of escaping employment lingers long […]