Asking The Right Question

Here’s a question for you:

John has two children. At least one of them is a boy.

What’s the probability that the other child is a girl?

Decide on an answer before moving on.







Intuitively, most people would guess that there’s a 50% chance […]

Trading Tip: Who’s the patsy?

As a beginner trader, I spent over $20,000 on trading seminars, videos, books and courses. On top of that, I would also spend hours each day scouring though a variety of trading websites and discussion forums.

Despite all this however, I […]

The Simplest Forex Trading Secret

Success with trading isn’t complicated.

It’s simple.

Not easy, but simple.

Too often though, the Shiny Object Syndrome leads us to chase distractions that lead us further away from what we want.

The thrill of something new encourages us to abandon clear thinking and […]