Trading In Public

Trading is a deeply personal activity.

Like painting or singing, it’s not something most people would want to do in public.


Because these activities are focused on the training process – where mistakes are often made.

As non-professionals, any time we paint, sing, […]

September 18th, 2021|General, Mindset|11 Comments

Complainers vs Achievers

A complainer is someone well equipped with reasons to justify his inaction to an unsatisfactory situation.

Often, you’ll hear a complainer say: “If only I had X, I’d achieve Y!”

Complainers are unwilling to work on a problem until the stars are […]

September 12th, 2021|General, Mindset|1 Comment

Trader Mindsets The Market Loves To Punish

Whenever I start thinking in certain patterns, my trading performance plummets.

This has been such a regular occurrence that I have an acronym for it: DIED.

It stands for Desperate, Impatient, Egocentric, Daring.

The Desperate Mindset

When I’m desperate, I think:

  • “I’m in too much […]

Get Over Yourself

Throughout our lives, we’re constantly told to be “true to yourself”.

This is the kind of advice everyone likes to hear, because it makes us feel good. No one likes to be told to be less of ourselves.

Unfortunately, this is also […]