Get Over Yourself

Throughout our lives, we’re constantly told to be “true to yourself”.

This is the kind of advice everyone likes to hear, because it makes us feel good. No one likes to be told to be less of ourselves.

Unfortunately, this is also […]

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What’s the best indicator of a reversal?

I often receive questions along these lines:

“What’s the best way to predict a price reversal?”

“What’s the best combination of indicators?”

“What’s the best trade entry/exit signal?”

Almost everyone who comes into trading asks such questions at one time or another.

The blunt answer […]

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Should you be an intuitive trader?

Intuition is a tricky subject, because there’s no way to prove or disprove that it exists.

Consider though, that there’s a strong psychological incentive for human beings to provide an explanation for coincidences: we want to feel in control.

A mother loses her child in the mall, […]

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