Trader Mindsets The Market Loves To Punish

Whenever I start thinking in certain patterns, my trading performance plummets.

This has been such a regular occurrence that I have an acronym for it: DIED.

It stands for Desperate, Impatient, Egocentric, Daring.

The Desperate Mindset

When I’m desperate, I think:

  • “I’m in too much […]

Get Over Yourself

Throughout our lives, we’re constantly told to be “true to yourself”.

This is the kind of advice everyone likes to hear, because it makes us feel good. No one likes to be told to be less of ourselves.

Unfortunately, this is also […]

What’s the best indicator of a reversal?

I often receive questions along these lines:

“What’s the best way to predict a price reversal?”

“What’s the best combination of indicators?”

“What’s the best trade entry/exit signal?”

Almost everyone who comes into trading asks such questions at one time or another.

The blunt answer […]

Let The Market Come To You

In any competitive arena, the good players are constantly anticipating how the game might unfold.

With patient observation, they are always on the lookout for their opponents’ missteps. The moment an adversary makes a mistake, the pro player bursts into action […]