Throughout our lives, we’re constantly told to be “true to yourself”.

This is the kind of advice everyone likes to hear, because it makes us feel good. No one likes to be told to be less of ourselves.

Unfortunately, this is also the kind of advice that keeps us stagnant, because in order to grow, we must change.

“Find a trading system that suits you”

An extension of the “be yourself” meme, is the saying: “find a trading system that suits you”.

People who say this, don’t know what they’re talking about. They think getting into trading is like getting a job (it isn’t), so they give the same advice they would give to someone looking for employment.

If you’re looking for a job, then sure, it makes sense to find one that suits your personality. The difference is, that while there are many different types of paying jobs, there are very few trading methods that are profitable over the long term.

So consider this.

WHO CARES whether the trading system suits you or not? The first – and perhaps only – priority is that it makes money. That’s what matters.

If you find trading system that makes money, adapt yourself to it. Do whatever it takes to suit it.

It takes a special kind of ignorance – or arrogance – to dictate the terms of what a profitable trading system should be like. That’s something the market decides, not you.

So Get Over Yourself

All the time, I see traders talking about their preference for various trading methods/tools.

“I like the ______ indicator.”

“I prefer swing/trend trading.”

The problem is that the market doesn’t care about what you like (or dislike).

So don’t put the cart before the horse. Focus on what’s important: Profitability. Your preferences are irrelevant.

If you want to improve your trading, try changing your preferences, and see what you find.