In the world of retail trading there are two types of traders.

The first are those who focus on what they can learn.

Every time they face an obstacle, they think:

  • “What is this encounter trying to teach me?”
  • “What am I refusing to learn?”
  • “What do I need to change?”

These are the traders who pick things up quickly, and learn to follow reality instead of what they think the reality should be.

The second type of traders are those who focus on what they already know.

When they come across something that goes against their beliefs, they think:

  • “This is wrong!”
  • “It can’t be like this…”
  • “This person/thing/situation is stupid”

These are typically the complainers. Instead of allowing new or conflicting information to teach them about reality, they cling on to preconceived notions in an attempt to maintain the status quo that exists only in their minds.

Unfortunately, the market — like life — changes all the time. And when a new idea, perspective or trend comes along, one of these groups of traders is ready to capitalize on it, while the other will resist it until it becomes unbearable.