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Hi there, it's Chris. Every weekend I analyze 28 currency pairs 

to identify the best trades to take during the upcoming week

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Introducing...  PIPMAVENS PRO

This is for Forex traders who want to trade in line with the economic data and market sentiment.

Here's how it works.

Every weekend, I construct my trade plan for the coming week and send it out to members.

The trade plan comprises of 3 sections:

  1. Global economic context
    • General overview
    • Major themes
  2. Currency context
    • Economic data trends
    • Market narrative & sentiment
  3. ​Action plan
    • Price levels beyond which I am looking to take a long/short position

1. Global context

Each trade plan begins with an overview of the global market context.

We'll look at how the world economy is doing, and identify the big-picture themes that are driving financial markets right now.

2. Currency context

Next, we'll zoom in to each currency and determine its overall bias based on the latest economic data trends and market sentiment. The currencies covered are: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, JPY, CAD.

3. Action plan

Based on the above factors, I identify the best currency pairs to be trading over the coming week, and highlight the price levels where I'll be looking to take a buy/sell position.

As a member of Pip Mavens Pro, you can leverage on my research and analysis to guide your trading decisions.

I'll do the work of gathering, sorting, and interpreting all the economic data and market sentiment from over 20+ sources. Then, I'll explain to you what all of it means, and how I'll be trading in light of this information.

For example, if the latest US inflation data is surprisingly high, how would it affect the USD in the current economic environment? How should I be trading the USD pairs this week?

When you receive my latest trade plan, you'll get a practical understanding of what's going on in global economy, and how to approach the currency markets as a Forex trader.

I'll be your weekly guide to the Forex market

Every weekend before the market opens I'll send you my trade plan for the week, so you know

which currency pairs I'm looking to buy and sell, and the price levels I want to be trading at.

Most importantly, you'll learn the thought process of how I came to those decisions.

Sample Trade Plan

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The market preparation you'll need each week

Done for you: tracking of economic data , monitoring news feeds/social media, and putting it
all together so you can understand the market context and find the best trades to be taking.

Everything will be summarized and explained in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

Experience > Theory

On paper, economic theory is simple and straight-forward. If country A's economy is doing well, its currency should appreciate relative to others... right?

The answer: Not necessarily.

In practice, there are many confounding factors that can materially change the trajectory of a nation's currency value. Whether it rises or falls depends on an evolving list of internal and external factors.

The bottom line is that currency trading is more nuanced than simply buying on good news and selling on bad news. The market is more complex than that.

Learn from 15 years of Forex trading experience

As a Pip Mavens Pro member, you'll learn about the interactions between various economic and market forces, and then, to develop trading ideas based on these observations.

You won't just be getting my views on the market; You'll be trained to "see" the market through the eyes of a battle-hardened trader, not an academic.

Learn from guided practice, not books

Books can be helpful for newbies, but if you want to go beyond the beginner stage you'll need a
practice regimen that gives you meaningful market experience.  If you'll allow me, I'll take you
by the hand and show you how to navigate the messy battlefield of currency trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pip Mavens Pro for?

Why would you share your analysis?

How do I know you're the real deal?

Does this involve short-term trades?

Is this a signal service?

Can I cancel at any time?

14 days. 7 dollars. Full access.

After the 14-day trial you may cancel or continue at $47/mo $27/mo.
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