Just the other day, I was talking to another trader who uses the MetaTrader 4 platform, and was surprised to learn that he didn’t know about the in-built shortcut keys!

Personally, I like the MT4 trading platform a lot, and use its shortcut keys on a daily basis.

If you’re a MT4 user as well, check out these shortcut keys — they will make your trading a LOT more efficient:

F8 : opens chart properties menu

F9 : opens trade order menu

F11 : enable/disable full screen chart

F12 : move chart forward one bar

Ctrl + F or middle mouse click : enable crosshair

Ctrl + M : open/close ‘Market Watch’ window

Ctrl + N : open/close ‘Navigator ‘ window

Ctrl + T : open/close ‘Terminal’ window

Ctrl + Y : show/hide period seperators

Ctrl + Z : undo chart object deletion

Page Up : fast chart scrolling backwards

Page Down : fast chart scrolling forwards

Home : move the chart to the earliest point

End : move the chart to the latest point

+ : zoom in

: zoom out

Del : delete selected chart object