It’s not an exaggeration to say that we live in a society fixated on external achievements. Almost every aspect of our lives is measured against the observable results of others.

In high school, we envy the top performing student and wished we had her grades.

At work, we get jealous of the manager who generated the highest sales volume for the past three quarters, and secretly wish we were the ones who got promoted instead.

Even among friends, we wish we had Bob’s salary, car and house.

Everywhere we look, we see how “inadequate” we are, measured by our results compared to those of someone else.

Logically, we know that success is not some magical quality, but rather, the observable result of an unobserved process that goes on behind the scenes.

And yet, all we can think about is getting straight A’s, that promotion, that six-figure salary, that Porsche.

It’s just so easy to focus on the results we want, rather than the process that generates those results.

Most Retail Traders Only Think About Making Money

Most traders are fixated on the observable result: making money by clicking a few buttons.

And they pay no attention to the process that enables that to happen: making mistakes, learning from them, and correcting them. Over and over again.

Everyone thinks about winning, and few ever consider the benefits of losing.

In my experience, most of my wins can be directly attributed to a big losing trade in the past that I learned from.

It’s The Losing Process That Makes Winning Traders

Making money as a trader is pointless if you don’t understand why you’re winning, because you can’t repeat it.

Likewise, losing money is a valuable experience if you understand why you lost.

Paradoxically, you can’t understand why you’re winning without first understanding how you could have lost in that same situation.

So change the way you think about losses. Because hidden within them are the gems that once uncovered, will point you in the direction of repeatable wins in the future.