MaPip Mavens Principle #5

Get investors.

Reality check: As a profitable trader, your long term average monthly return is likely to be less than 5%.

Let it sink in, and think about what this means.

The implication is that unless you can comfortably afford a 6-figure account, you're not going to make much money trading your own funds (do the math!)

This is why, if you're serious about trading you have to work with investor capital.

There are a few ways to go about this, and I won't get into the details here (probably in another post).

The important thing is to get used to the idea that you will eventually, on some level, be trading with other people's money (OPM).

So be prepared for your trading performance to be scrutinized in public. Be prepared to participate in investor relations.

You may be a solo trader, but to make a decent living in this business you'll have to provide value for others.