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Types of Trade Orders

Trade orders are an essential part of every trader's toolkit.

When used properly, they allow you to express your market expectations in a highly detailed manner.

To be an effective trader, therefore, you need to thoroughly understand the different types of trade orders available to you, and how they work.

Ask vs Bid

At every given moment, there are two market prices.

This is counter-intuitive because in most areas of life we are used to seeing only one price for things.

For example, when looking to buy a new car, the asking price might be $60,000. We either pay this price, or we don't buy the car.

But that's from the perspective of a buyer.

From the perspective of a dealer, however, there are two prices for every asset: a price for buying, and a price for selling.

Obviously, to make a profit the dealer must sell each unit at a price higher than the price he bought it. As a business, it makes little sense to buy something for $70,000 and sell it at $60,000.

Now instead of cars, let's consider the buying and selling of a financial security, such as stocks.

When you're looking to buy a stock, your broker (dealer) offers to sell it to you at the asking price. This is the price they are "asking for", in order to sell the stock to you. In short, we call this the Ask price.

Conversely, when you're looking to sell a stock, your broker (dealer) will buy it from you at the bidding price. This is the price they are "bidding for" the stock you wish to sell. In short, we call this the Bid price.

ask vs bid

In trading, the Ask price will always be higher than the bid price. This means that if you buy a financial security and then immediately sell it, you will incur a loss.

This difference between the Ask vs Bid price is called the bid-ask spread, or more simply, the spread.

The main takeaways here are:

  1. At every moment, there are two market prices for every financial security: the Ask price and the Bid price.
  2. You can only buy at the Ask price, and you can only sell at the Bid price.
  3. The Ask price will always be higher than the Bid price.

With this in mind, we are now ready to start looking at the different types of trade entry orders.

Market Order

The most basic type of trade order is a market order.

It enables you to enter a trade as soon as possible, regardless of the price it gets filled at.

When you enter a market order, you are basically instructing your broker, "Enter a trade immediately at whatever price I can get".

In this sense, a market order prioritizes urgency over trade execution price.

Limit Order

A limit order is somewhat the opposite of a market order.

It enables you to enter a trade at a specific price, regardless of when the trade gets filled.

When you enter a limit order,