Welcome to the ​Pip Mavens Trade Signals​​ apprenticeship program​​​.

This is ​where ​you ​will learn ​how I find the ​best trade opportunity ​to take each day.

There are two components to this program:

  1. Daily ​trade signals
  2. ​On-the-job ​learning and apprenticeship​

​Watch this video for a quick run-down:


1) Every morning, ​I ​review 28 ​currency pairs ​to ​identify​ the best ​one to be trading​ ​that day. ​​

2) ​At around 22:00 UTC time, I'll ​post an update in the members area with the following details:

  • ​Currency ​pair
  • ​​Trade ​​direction (Buy​/Sell)
  • Lot size​

This is the currency pair I'll be trading that day, and the direction in which I'll be trading it.​

If you choose to, you can take the same trade. (​​Video instructions on trade tactics will be provided.)

​3) Wait for the trade to resolve. ​​​​If​ ​the trade ​isn't automatically ​​closed by the end of the London trading session​, you will manually close ​the trade.​

​​4) Along with each trade signal, ​I will ​post a video of the​ analysis ​procedure, so you can ​pick up the ​thought process ​behind ​​​the decisions I make. ​It will be as though you are sitting next to me each day as I explain everything to you.

​​​5) All of this is repeated daily, ​Mon - Fri.


The best way to develop any skill is through repetition.

Books and courses are great for picking up new information, but on-the-job training and repeated live ​practice enable us to retain and internalize that information.

With this in mind, the Pip Mavens Trade Signals program is designed to not only provide daily trade signals, but also​ regular training videos on how those signals are generated.​

You will learn by watching "over my shoulder" every day in the market.



  • Gain: Net return
  • Drawdown: Largest cumulative loss from ​peak equity
  • Daily: Average daily return
  • Monthly: Average monthly return

Good trading is about optimizing the balance ​of ​return ​vs ​risk. High returns are not necessarily better because we have to consider the amount of risk taken to get those returns.

Consider two different signal providers:

  • [Signal Provider ​A] 60% gain with 30% drawdown
  • [Signal Provider ​B] 30% gain with 10% drawdown

While Signal ​A yielded a higher return, it was actually the weaker performer because it took proportionately more risk.

In other words, if Signal ​B had taken the same level of risk (measured by drawdown) as Signal ​A, Signal ​B would have gotten a higher return than Signal ​A.

In this sense, we are not focused on getting the highest possible returns per se. We are focused on getting the highest return-to-drawdown ratio​.


Since losing trades are inevitable (no one wins all the time), we'll minimize the impact of losses by:

  1. Trading with low leverage
  2. Closing all losing trades by the end of each day

Firstly, I'll be ​taking each trade ​opportunity with a maximum of ​5x leverage​. This means that for every $1,000 ​of capital, I'll be entering each trade position with a maximum of ​5 micro lots.

Secondly, all losing trades will be closed by the end of each trading day. This is done to ensure that all losses are ​cut early and capped.


​There is a time-sensitivity to the ​daily trade signals​.​

​For best results​, ​you ​are advised to read the daily update as soon as it is posted each day​, at ​around 22:00 UTC time.


Q: ​Are ​your ​performance results real?

A: ​​Yes. The results you see here are tracked by neutral third party Myfxbook, on a verified live account with ​FCA-regulated broker Darwinex.​ This is based on a real money account, not demo.

Q: ​What markets ​are you​ trading?

A: ​I trade only the Forex market (i.e. currencies).

Q: ​I'm don't know anything about Forex trading. ​Can I benefit from this ​service?

A: ​This service is meant ​for people with at least ​a basic level of Forex trading knowledge. If you don't know how to open/close a trade, or ​when the London trading session ends,​ this ​​isn't ​for you.

Q: Will I get a trade ​signal every weekday?

A: You will get a ​trade ​signal on most days, but not every day. Some days, there are no good opportunities and the best thing to do is to stay out of the market.

​Q: ​When will the ​trade signal be ​posted each day?​

A: ​​At 22:00 UTC time​, ​which is 1 hour after the Sydney trading session open.​

Q: Is each trade guaranteed to win?

A: No. There will ​be days when the trade turns out to be a losing one -- sometimes, even on consecutive days. The idea is that over time, we ​end up ​with more winning trades than losing ones.

Q: ​What if I'm willing​ to​ take on more risk to get higher returns?

A: ​Since​ this is a signal service, you have full control over ​the lot size ​you​ ​take on your ​trades.
If you​ must trade with higher risk (​i.e. with a larger lot size​), ​consider ​incrementally increasing your lot size over time instead of ​using​ a large lot size right ​away.

Q: ​How long is each ​trade analysis video? I don't have ​time ​to watch videos all day.

A: ​​​E​ach​ analysis video will ​take just ​a ​few minutes​. ​We'll​ be focusing on the 1 - 2 most important factors of each situation, so ​the videos will be short, ​straight-to-the-point, and punchy. ​You'll learn better by watching a ​3 minute video ​each day, than a single ​15 ​minute video each week. When ​learning​ ​a new skill​​, ​consistency beats intensity.

​Q: Can I cancel this service at any time?

A: ​Yes ​of course​. ​Just send me an email ​and your ​subscription will be canceled immediately​.​

Q: What if I have more questions or encounter any problems?

A: ​Write in​ to ​chris[at]pipmavens[dot]com and ​I'll get things sorted ​out for you.

Q: Sounds good. How do I get started?

A: ​​Click the 'Join Now' button below. ​Once ​payment is completed, ​you​'ll ​​be sent​ a confirmation email and ​get immediate access to the members area.​






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