Time for something new


Message from Chris Lee
Chiang Mai, Thailand


Dear Pip Mavens,

Some of you will know that I began my trading “career” as a short-term trader, but the intense lifestyle took a toll on my health and personal life… so that’s why I transitioned into medium-term trading.

Medium-term trading is not only less stressful, but also enabled me to travel for long periods of time since I didn’t have to be in front of the computer all day.

But now, 6 years later, I’m not as driven by travel as I used to be. To me, the upside of being in a new place has been overshadowed by downside of inconvenience and relative discomfort.

Maybe I’m just getting older, but the usual pack-unpack-pack routine is getting tedious.

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not going to stop traveling. I’m just going to stop traveling for the novelty of being in a new place.

And for now, I’ve decided to set up base in one of my favorite places in Asia – Chiang Mai, Thailand.

From the looks of things, I’ll be traveling a lot less than I used to.

This means that I’ll have more time on my hands, which I can once again dedicate time to short-term trading.

Would you like to see how I’ve been doing so far?

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