Welcome to ​Pip Mavens ​Tactical.

This is ​where ​you'll ​be notified of the ​best trades​ I'll be taking each day.

​​Here's how ​it works:​

1) ​Every weekday morning, ​I ​review 28 ​currency pairs ​to ​identify​ the best trade ​setups for the day. ​​

​​​2) ​Upon completing my ​analysis, I'll send you a Telegram message with the following ​details:

  • ​Currency ​pair
  • ​​Trade ​​direction (Buy​/Sell)
  • ​Entry ​Price
  • Stop ​​Loss​
  • Profit ​​Target​
  • Lot Size

​These ​are the details of ​each ​​trade ​I'll be ​taking that day.​ ​​If you ​choose to, you ​can take the same trade.

3) Wait for the trades to resolve. Occasionally, you​ ​may ​receive ​another ​message to modify or close the trade ​orders. All trades will be closed by the end of each trading day.

​​4) ​​​That's ​it. This process is repeated daily, Mon - Fri.​


Before the market opens each day, I analyze 28 of the most commonly traded currency pairs.

They are judged on 5 main dimensions:

  1. Fundamental analysis
  2. Technical analysis
  3. Market sentiment
  4. News flow
  5. Price action

This process picks out the 3 - 5 most favorable trade setups for the day.

Among this group of potential trades, I select the best one(s) to take.


​Live performance results

  • ​​Gain: ​Net return​ so far
  • ​Drawdown: ​Largest cumulative loss​
  • ​Daily: Average daily ​return
  • Monthly: ​Average monthly ​return

Pip Mavens ​Tactical is about balancing risk and return. ​High returns are not ​necessarily better because ​we have to ​account for the risk ​taken to get those returns.

​Consider two ​different ​signal providers:

  • [​Signal ​​Provider 1​] ​​​60% gain with ​30% drawdown
  • [​Signal Provider 2] ​​30% gain with 10% drawdown

​While ​Signal Provider 1 yielded a higher return, it is actually the ​weaker ​performer ​since it took proportionately more risk (​in terms of drawdown) to achieve those returns.

Put another way, ​if Signal Provider 2 had taken the same ​amount of risk ​as Signal Provider 1, ​Signal Provider 2 would have ​​gotten a higher return.

​In this ​sense, we ​are not focused on getting ​the highest possible returns per se.

We are focused on ​getting the highest returns relative to ​risk.


Q: ​Are these ​performance results real?

A: ​​Yes. The results you see here are tracked by ​Myfxbook on a verified live account with FCA-​regulated broker Darwinex.​ This is based on a real money account, not demo.

Q: ​How ​does this signal service work?

​A: Put simply,

  1. ​All trade signals will be posted​ in ​a ​private Telegram​ channel.
    (Telegram is a free ​messaging app that works like Whatsapp/WeChat/Line​)

  2. Every weekday at approximately 22:00 UTC time, I'll ​publish ​my ​trade calls in the channel.

  3. Throughout the day, I may post ​additional trade calls, or instructions to ​modify/​close any ​open ​trade orders.

  4. ​By the end of each trading day, all trades will be closed.

  5. This process is repeated ​every ​weekday.

Q: ​​What does the trade signal look like?

​​A: ​Here's a sample:

​Q: ​I don't know anything about Forex trading. Is this service suitable for me?

A: ​This service is ​meant for people with at least a basic level of ​trading ​experience.​ If you don't know how to ​open/modify/close a trade order, this is not suitable for you.

Q: ​​Will I learn how to trade with this service?​

A: ​The ​answer is no. ​This signal service ​is focused on ​trade execution​ only - I will only be posting ​what​ I do, not why ​I'm doing it​.
If you'​d ​like to learn more about ​how ​​I approach tradeing, check out ​the Positive Expectancy course.​

Q: Will I get trade signals every ​day?

A: The short answer is no​.​ Sometimes, you will get ​​trade signals every day. Sometimes, you ​will ​get a couple of trade signals ​a week. It really ​depends on the ongoing ​market conditions.​

Q: How much time ​do I have to spend following the trade signals each day?​

A: ​It takes less than 10 minutes (in total) to ​follow and apply the trade signals throughout ​each day.

Q: Is each trade guaranteed to win?

A: No. ​Some trades will turn out to be​ a losers -​ it's​ part of the game.
The idea is that over time, we ​end up ​with more winning trades than losing ones.

Q: Do you take ​these trades ​yourself?

A: Yes.​ ​These are the trades I take on my own personal trading account.

Q: ​What if I'm willing​ to​ take on more risk to get higher returns?

A: ​The suggested lot size ​for each trade signal is ​a conservative ​one. ​If you ​wish to take on more risk, ​you ​may ​increase your trading lot size at your own discretion.

​Q: Can I cancel this service at any time?

A: ​Yes, ​of course​. ​Just send me an email ​and your ​subscription will be canceled immediately​, no questions asked.

Q: What if I have more questions or encounter any problems?

A: Contact me at ​chris[at]pipmavens[dot]com and I'll sort things out for you.


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