​​What Larry Got Right

And ​99.9% of retail traders ​get wrong

​Now ​as you can ​probably tell, ​Larry wasn't much of a ​trader at all.

​He just

​He ​made ​many mistakes along the way.​

And yet, he ​made a lot of money ​wealthy because he ​ma​de ​TWO exceptionally good ​moves.

And​ these two ​moves made all the difference between ​spectacular success and ​failure.

  • Get in the right market
  • Don't do anything else and just wait


Well, see for yourself:

​DEEP TRADES ​performance on ​a ​live​ account

​​If you ha​d been following the recommended trades, ​this is the performance result you​'d have gotten​ on your personal trading account.


​​​​Now ​let's talk about the risks. 

Generally speaking, ​the more you risk, the more you stand to gain.

​However, not all risks are worth the reward.

For example, would you risk $100 to potentially gain $10?

Even if the ​chance of winning ​is high, ​that's​ probably not a bet you​ should be taking.

This brings ​up​ the next​ ​point to consider​: ​Is the​ potential reward ​of​ Deep Tradesworth the risk?

​The risk ​​of any trading approach can be​ described by the 'Drawdown' ​metric.

​​It refers to the largest percentage decline of equity from peak to trough​, ​​or in other words, the largest cumulative loss in the history of the account.

​Compare ​this​ to the 'Gain' ​metric, which refers to the total ​net gain​ of the account.

​Then decide if you think the risk is worth the reward.


Q: Are your performance results real?

A: Yes. The results you see here are tracked by neutral third party Myfxbook, on a verified live account with reputable UK broker Darwinex.​ This is based on a real money account, not demo.

Q: ​I'm don't know anything about trading. ​Can I benefit from this ​service?

A: ​This service is meant ​meant ​for people with at least ​a basic level of trading knowledge. If you don't know how to open/close a trade, or ​when the ​Forex London session ends,​ this ​​isn't ​for you.

Q: Will I get a trade ​recommendation every weekday?

A: You will get a ​trade ​recommendation on most days, but not every day. Some days, there are no good trading opportunities and the best thing to do is to stay out of the market.

​Q: ​When can I expect to receive ​each ​SMS?

A: ​The exact timing will vary, ​as it depends on ​the ​market conditions. ​Generally though, you can expect to receive ​each ​S​MS a few hours after the Forex market (Sydney) open.

Q: Is each trade guaranteed to win?

A: No. There will ​be days when the trade turns out to be a losing one -- sometimes, even on consecutive days. The idea is that over time, we ​end up ​with more winning trades than losing ones.

Q: Why only 1 trade per day? Why not 2 or 3?

A: The short answer is that when it comes to retail trading, less is more. By focusing our efforts on only the single best opportunity each day, we increase our chances of winning over time.

For a more detailed answer, check out the Positive Expectancy course.

Q: Do you take ​these trades ​yourself?

A: Yes ​of course.​ ​These are the​​ trades I take on my personal account.

Q: So I can just follow the trade ​details. Is it really ​that easy?

A: Yes and no. It's easy in the sense that the ​trade details are ​straightforward. It's not easy in that you'll be tempted to keep watching the trades and ​modify ​them ​throughout the day​. The best way to deal with this is to shut down your trade platform immediately after entering each trade, and to no​t open it again ​until after the London session close.

Q: I know trading is ​difficult. Why then is ​the service fee so low?

A: ​Two reasons:​

  1. ​​​So you can test ​it ​out without risking much of anything​
  2. This is an introductory rate that will be ​going up ​in the future

​Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: ​Yes, ​of course​. ​Just send me an email ​and your ​subscription will be canceled immediately​, no questions asked.

Q: What if I have more questions or encounter any problems?

A: Contact me at ​chris[at]pipmavens[dot]com and I'll sort things out for you.

Q: Sounds good. How do I get started?

A: First click here to send a test SMS to your mobile phone. ​If you are able to receive ​the SMS, you're good to go.
Next: click the 'Join Now' button below and complete the payment process. You​'ll ​​be sent​ a confirmation email and ​get the next SMS on ​the ​next weekday.

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