The ​Fool Who Got Rich Trading

​Based on a true story. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Meet ​Larry. He's 24 years old.

​Larry dropped out of collage ​a few years ago to work on ​his "​tech startup​" in his parent's ​basement.

​He ​read that Bill Gates​ had dropped out of college​, ​and thought it was a great idea. Like the famous founder of Microsoft, ​​Larry wanted to get rich, ​too.

Unlike Bill Gates, however, Larry ​isn't particularly bright or hardworking​. He also didn't have ​wealthy parents, or any backup plan​ in case his ​startup failed.

Taking $​​40,000 of "seed money" from his parents, Larry tries to build his dream business.

​After ​18 months​ of trying, however, ​he ​isn't making any progress and gives up.​​ He now spends​ of his time in between part-time jobs and playing ​World of Warcraft.

​He's waiting for the next big business ​​idea to ​come along​.

​It​'s now ​November 2015.

​Suddenly, out of nowhere, ​Larry learns of this new exciting thing called Bitcoin.

​As a ​self-​proclaimed "​cultural ​rebel", Larry loved the idea of ​cryptocurrencies.​ He ​saw​ ​this new asset class ​as a way to opt out of the mainstream ​financial system.

Most of all, ​he wanted ​to give ​the middle finger to the big banks that got away with ​crashing ​the ​economy in 2008​. And if he could get rich ​along the way, all the better!

Now of course, Larry didn't ​understand​ the math behind how Bit​coin worked​, nor did he care. All he knew was that he hated ​those dirty bankers, and that the price of Bitcoin was going up by the day.

So he ​gathered​ the remainder of his business ​startup capital, which came to about $​20,000, and ​put it all into Bitcoin.

​X months later, Larry becomes a millionaire. ​His initial $10,000 ​had turned into​ $XXXXXX. It's the easiest money he's ever made.

Giddy with ​excitement, he refuses to ​sell any of his Bitcoin​​. He ​believes the ​price will ​shoot up to $200,000 per coin. HODL!!

Another X months go by, and the price of Bitcoin halves to $XXX. Larry is devastated. He​'s still rich of course, but he's​ no longer a millionaire.

Unable to stomach the ​pain of all that ​lost ​profit, Larry sells all his ​Bitcoin.

With $XXXXX in the bank, Larry is now a rich man.

He feels horrible about leaving all that money on the table, ​but ​for now, at least, he is wealthy​.

Why that idiot is rich and you're not.

​Regardless of how you feel ​about ​Larry, consider this...

Despite not​ having much of plan or doing ​anything productive, ​Larry still ended up making more ​money ​than the vast ​majority of retail traders.

​​He might have been a ​fool... and he might have ​gotten lucky​...​ ​but ​there must have been​ something he did right.

​How did ​Larry manage to ​make money trading, ​while most other ​traders -- who are much ​more intelligent and​ much more hardworking -- fail?​

​Did it all really just boil down to plain ​luck?

​Or is there something more?

​Continued: What Larry got right​

​The hidden ​secret ​in ​plain ​sight

2 lessons:

  • Get in the right market
  • Don't do anything and just wait

​​The secret to this trading approach is

Behind the scenes, there are a number of sophisticated trading principles and processes that allows me to stay profitable.

H​The Deep Trades system is designed to  system scans the 28 most-traded currency pairs for 

​ analyzes a ​series of ​fundamental and technical elements (data points) to determine the​ ​top ​3 - ​5​​ trades​ to take each day​, among the 28 most trade-able currency pairs.​ The exact details, of ​course, is proprietary.

​I​ then personally go through each of these shortlisted ​trades, ​and ​pick out ​the best one to ​enter on my trading account.

​Why This Works

​Unlike 99% of retail traders out there who ​focus on their trading strategy, Deep Trades

This is the first ​key to ​why we are ​profitable while ​most ​retail traders aren't.

​​It's ​because:

​Mistake #1: 9​9% of traders have it backwards

​The vast ​majority of retail traders ​are focused on their trading ​method.

They start with, say, a trend trading system, and ​then ​try to apply their system to​ markets that look like they're ​trending.​

Now here's the secret...

In ​a ​strongly trending market, ​practically all ​trend trading systems will make money. The exact ​trend system ​you use ​won't matter, ​because almost ​​ALL trend systems will end up ​being profitable.

​If the ​GBP/USD is in a strong up​trend​ for example, ​just close your eyes and ​press buy. ​8 times out of 10, you'll make money. The type of ​trading system you use is not nearly as ​important as the ​condition of the market you're ​trading.

T​​hink about ​what this means.

​All trading systems ​are only as ​effective as the market ​they're being applied to. Y​ou can ​have the best trend system in the world, but if you apply it to a ​low-volatility​ market​, you're s​till likely to ​lose

Choose the right market, and trading becomes easy. Choose the wrong market, and trading becomes a struggle.

​​With Deep Trades, ​we ​look for ​the markets where​ it's​ EASY to ​win.​ Where even ​​​morons are ​winning at it. And​ we do this every day.

[mindmap: fundamentals + technicals > filter out ​decent ​opportunities >​ pick the best one


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