So – what’s the deal with Icarus?

The Legend of Icarus

The story of Icarus is one of failed ambition.

It tells the legend of Icarus and his father, Daedalus, who were both imprisoned in a large maze by King Minos.

Daedalus came up with a daring plan to escape. As a master craftsman, he fashioned two pairs of wings by adhering feathers to wooden frames with wax. Giving one pair to his son, he warned Icarus that flying too close to the sun would cause the wax to melt.

But Icarus became ecstatic with the ability to fly and soon forgot his father’s warning. As he soared higher and higher, the feathers came loose and Icarus plunged to his death in the sea.

Icarus, the Trader

Like Icarus’ escape, retail traders start trading with the best intentions. But when it comes down to it, they get so emotionally caught up with the price fluctuations that they lose perspective and soon spiral out of control.

Had our Greek protagonist followed a strategy that made it easy for him to stay rational, this story would have had a better ending.

You see, it wasn’t that Icarus didn’t understand his father’s warning – it was that his emotions made him ignore it.

Look – I’m not infallible, and I’m guessing neither are you. While it’s easy to stick to a set of trading rules for a couple of months, doing the same for years is a completely different thing. That’s tough. There will always be the temptation to “squeeze more cash out of the market”, or to “try a new strategy”… and that’s when the rules get broken, and all hell breaks loose.

So it’s not enough that we try to stick to a trading strategy… the strategy itself must be designed to be easy to follow, with minimal opportunity for the trader to foul things up.

This is the first secret to why the Icarus method is so effective.

Chris & The Inner Circle

Hi, my name is Christopher Lee, and in Summer 2009 a group of traders and I set out to navigate the markets together. We called our little group the Pip Mavens Inner Circle.

This was the first time I’d shown my full trading method in front of a 'Live' audience… and boy, was it put through some serious testing.

You see, it’s one thing to trade own my own, in my own private space – it’s quite another to make trade calls and take losses in the public spotlight.

Trading ​is challenging enough as it is. Add to that the pressure of having my every move scrutinized and commented upon, and you know this is something only a ​truly effective method can pull off.

Over a period 3 years, our members have seen me take many hits and misses. We’ve had a good time trading together, and the results will speak for themselves.

​​Live performance results verified by ​​Myfxbook

Icarus is the complete training program to impart to you the same skills, mindset and strategies that got us these results. By joining the program now, you’ll have the benefit of learning from our mistakes and to trade with the most effective approach, right from the start.

But don’t get me wrong – this is not simply a course to “follow and make money”. Icarus is more than that.

Financial Independence with Forex

This is the Pip Mavens motto.

Right from the beginning, we were never about “making money”, per se.

It’s not about making $200 on this trade, and $500 on that trade…

It’s about giving YOU the skills and mindset necessary to be a winning trader.

It’s about developing YOU, the trader, to make $200, $500, $1,000 trades for the rest of your life.

I don’t believe in giving a man a fish to eat for a day – I believe in teaching him to fish for himself, for life.

The vast majority of trading courses out there teach specific entry and exit techniques that hardly qualify as a complete trading course. They may work for a few months (if at all), but once the market phase changes, you’ll find yourself back where you started, looking for the next “hot” entry and exit technique.

Until you can look past these shallow pursuits and really think about the root of the problem, this cycle will continue until you get too frustrated to try again, or too broke to continue.

Icarus goes past this short-term mindset and focuses on training YOU to become a fully independent trader, for life.

"A New, Hands-Off Method To Trade Forex"

Here's what it's all about...

What's this​ course about?

Icarus is a 5-phase, step-by-step training course for growing a Forex trading account and deriving a low-effort, lifetime income from it.

​What's unique ​about this course?

Put simply: everything.

Icarus focuses on developing your trading mind, not imparting some "secret" combination of technical indicators.

Once you truly understand what makes the market tick, you’ll realize that entry and exit signals are nothing more than icing on the cake. There’s much more going on behind the scenes to consistently grow your account over the long run.

In fact, the timing of trades is not at all important. It’s the price at which we enter them, that matters. This goes against 90% of what retail traders understand about trading.

​How is this course carried out?

This is an online-only course ​that you can access ​through a secure members​ area.

​You​'ll receive training materials across ​5 modules presented through 6​4,000+ words of clear, illustrated knowledge, ​instructional videos, 'Live' trade examples, and various spreadsheets and resource links.​

This course comes with lifetime access so please go through everything at a pace you are comfortable with.

Remember: trading isn’t a 100-meter sprint, it’s a life-long marathon. Take the time necessary to go through and review each module carefully.

​Some Details

1. One of the primary goals of Icarus is to build you ​a trading track record ​of above-market returns ​with low drawdowns.

​2. Icarus emphasizes understanding the market and the trading game. You won’t be getting a fish to eat for a day – you’ll be learning how to fish for life.

​​3. ​With ​sufficient capital, you'll​ be able to draw a ​regular income from your trading within ​12 - 18 months. Alternatively, if you choose to ​take on ​investor capital (I'll show you how), you can ​start making money with your trading skills​ ​much​ ​sooner.

​5. We'll be trading on the daily chart, and taking an average of ​​​1 - ​​​3​​ trades per week​, and spending approximately ​15 minutes a day ​doing so.

​​6. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, ​new course members will receive a complementary ​3-month I​carus ​LIVE membership​, where you can watch me​ ​implement​ the Icarus​ ​method under ​'Live' market conditions. You'll​ ​get daily updates to my ​market ​analysis, and be ​informed of the trades I take. ​The usual membership ​fee​ for Icarus ​LIVE is $​47/mo, but if you join today you'll get full access to it for FREE.​​​​

​What's my ​investment?

​Full ​digital access to Icarus is a one-time investment of ​$497.

This includes lifetime access and all future course ​updates.

​[LIMITED] ​New members will also get 3 months complementary (free) access to the Icarus Live ​membership.

A Quick Look Inside...

*​Images ​are for illustrative purposes only

Our 2 Goals

There are 2 specific goals to Icarus.

First is the building of ​a personal track record over a period of 12 - 18 months. This ​will train you​ to build and maintain good trading habits, and gives you the option of trading with outside capital later on.

Second goal is income generation. Once your account size is large enough (or with investor capital), you will finally enjoy the fruits of your effort by withdrawing your trading profits, and/or charging a performance fee on the profits you make.

Your first year with Icarus will be focused on building trading competencies and gaining experience. Since most of the effort is front-loaded, the process will get easier over time.

Remember, trading is a lifelong marathon… so don’t rush things. Burnout from frustration happens too often to new traders who don’t take the time to develop their emotional and mental ​capacities. We won’t be buying a lottery ticket here, we’ll be building something of lasting value.

Taking Things Easy

​Wise Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Icarus is designed to take you through the whole process one step at a time. The last thing we want to do is pressure you to perform. In fact, we discourage it!

If you’re going to be busy for 2 weeks, feel free to skip trading until you’re ready to continue. You’re better off pausing progress for a fortnight than forcing trades and setting your account back 3 months.

This is perfect for people who don’t want to spend hours trading in front of the computer every day. In practice, we'll be spending ​less than ​15 minutes a day looking at price charts.

To ​Get The Right Answer, Ask The Right Question

Real, profitable trading is never just about technical analysis, or when to enter and exit trades. The obsession with trade timing indicates a poor understanding of what makes prices move.

Success is made up of 80% “why”, and 20% “how”. Icarus emphasizes first understanding why prices move, and then applying a technical framework to decide how to profit from this understanding.

If I told you that most price moves in the market are ​random, how would that change the way you trade? If you’re like 99% of the retail traders out there, you’d say, “holy crap, it’ll change everything”.

This is the second secret to why Icarus is so effective – we assume short term price movements to be random, since there’s no way to objectively prove otherwise. In fact, if you’ve ever tried your hand at pure technical trading, you’ll realize that “chart patterns” fail all too often to be taken seriously. Despite this, the Icarus finds an ingenious way to draw consistent gains from the market.

It's Not The Strategy, It's YOU

Trading is difficult for many people not because they don’t know enough about technical or fundamental analysis… it’s because they don’t know enough about themselves.

​With Icarus, you’ll discover exactly what it is in our psychology that causes us to be quite literally, natural born losers at trading. Only when we truly understand our human limitations can we begin to trust and appreciate the trading framework that will sidestep these obstacles.

If you truly desire to make sense of the market and stop being frustrated by losses, you must embrace a new set of principles that will make trading a whole lot easier. This is the third and final secret to why Icarus works like nothing you’ve seen before.

Trading Is Not A Verb

It’s a mindset. A way of thinking that ​the average person will have difficulty understanding even if you ​explained it to them.

It's a way of seeing the world​ for what it is, and coming up with a systematic plan to ​​invest in ​things that are​ under-valued, and ​gain from things that are​ over-valued.

It’s what enabled me to travel to places like London, Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona, Lausanne, Paris, Lyon, and Chamonix, all while trading ​on-the-go.

This is not fantasy. It’s not even that difficult to achieve. It's about simply ​​understanding how the game is ​​really played, and ​prioriti​zing the factors that ​gives you the best chance of​ ​coming out a winner.

People as regular as your next door neighbor are doing stuff like this all the time. It’s real. The only thing that can possibly hold you back is the weak notion that “you can’t do it”.


…but only if you choose to.

If you’re still stuck on the mindset that only a regular job can put food on the table, this isn’t for you.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.
W. L. Bateman

I can show you how to move to a higher level in life… but it’s not my place to change your beliefs about what’s possible for yourself.

​Modules & Course Breakdown


​Foundation covers the origin of the course, core concepts, and what you can expect ​as you move through Icarus. We’re taking time up-front to explain how it’s organized and everything you need to know before starting. By going through this now, we can spare ourselves the constant sidenotes as we move into the core modules.

​This is also where you'll​ ​get the base knowledge that serves the entire process. Nearly every course has a body of foundational knowledge at the beginning, and this is no exception. ​This ​module ​goes though the core principles, common myths & misconceptions, the wrong & ​right mindsets to hold, and a primer on defining your ​expectations.


​Know your enemy and know yourself​, you can ​fight a hundred battles without disaster.​
​Sun Tzu

The first step to mastering our trading is to understand ourselves, specifically our shortcomings. ​

Superior trading happens not on the trading chart, but in our minds. We’re going to focus on identifying the natural biases, irrationalities, and mental handicaps that plague traders. We will learn how to properly perceive risk, randomness and the advantage of diversification.

We’ll also talk about the retail trader’s edge in the market, and how they work in our favor. This module primes us in understanding why it’s so easily to fail at trading and what we can do to easily avoid it.

Understanding oneself is half the battle won.


Notice we don’t immediately start looking for trades – it’s far too early. Before clicking the buy/sell button, we need to ​first understand​ ​why and how market prices move. A trade only makes sense within a fundamental context.

First we focus on understanding Economic Indicators

To understand how the market moves, we’ll gain an appreciation of the factors that influence prices. Economic indicators are the backdrop to everything – from the health of the economy to the direction and price ​​levels with which we enter trades.

Next we’ll uncover the story of the market by charting economic trends

Information is everywhere online. The answers we seek are are hiding in that massive, intimidating flood of information that is the internet. With the aid of a spreadsheet, we’ll track the economic trends that exist beyond the perception of the average retail trader. The difference between failure and success is understanding the current state of the economy.

Once we’re able to interpret market price moves within a fundamental context, we’ll never have to rely on the subjective opinions of the ​financial news​ media. ​This is crucial.

After​ we uncover the economic ​fundamentals​, we'll need to gauge global investor appetite for risk. To do this, we'll need a systematic way to track and analyze what's happening in the other ​major financial markets.

You’ll get access to my highly sought-after Fundamental Bias method – the same method I’ve taught for $1,500 per 2-day session

Having a fundamental bias is essential. There are countless mistakes made here that are easily avoidable, and we’ll make sure you aren’t making them. You’ll also learn about monetary and fiscal policy, debt levels, the bond market, and how currency rates affect national debt and exports.


The ability to navigate the currency market and knowing where to ‘sell high’ and ‘buy low’ is an ​underrated s​kill.

​Knowing where (not when) to take trades is the key to avoid being "shaken out" by the ​inevitable market price spikes ​we all ​experience. 

This may seem like a daunting task​, but the ​Icarus ​​trading​​ framework makes everything simple.

We’ll be using the simplest of technical tools within the ​Icarus framework to diversify our entries and exits – just like how a casino operates. ​We’ll be managing our trades like a business – not a lottery ticket.


I’ll be blunt: I don’t want to be the next guy responsible for birthing a generation of careless traders that take unmanageable risks.

The sad thing for most retail traders is that they aren’t aware of the ridiculous risks they’re taking each time they enter the market.

It’s not enough to know how to protect against excessive losses – you’re going to learn why it’s more important to defend than attack

You often hear the gurus say that capital protection is important – but it’s difficult to follow this advice unless you know ​why it is so. This isn’t an opinion – it’s a mathematical fact.
I’ll explain everything clearly and simply for you.

You’ll learn the real effects of leverage and margin, and how to allocate the appropriate lot size for each trade you take. This is the ‘secret sauce’ that enables ​Icarus​ to work effectively.

You’ll also learn how to properly track your trading ​progress​

We improve by learning from mistakes, and your ​trade ​journal will highlight those mistakes for you. If this is all starting to sound like a a semester in school, you’re right. A formal process of mistake-identification, correction and improvement is the most effective, process-driven and scalable system in the development of any skill.

I’m shocked at how some of the smartest traders I know ignore this most critical aspect of trading.

Ironically, smart traders aren’t usually the profitable ones – they think they’re too intelligent to make mistakes. It thus comes as no surprise later, when they blow up their accounts and then decide that trading is “not for them”.

If you’re going to be trading for life, you need to know how to properly organize and manage the capital in your account.


​He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.

Sun Tzu

In this module, we turn to ancient wisdom and counter-intuitive doctrines to fortify our trading methodology.

Vague phrases like “action without action” and “superior skills look clumsy” will finally make sense in the context of the Icarus method.

This is where everything comes together as a coherent whole.

It will ​permanently change the way you think about trading.

​​What People Are Saying ...

​​Three years ago my account was $10,000.00. Now this account is over $30,000.00, just because of adopting Icarus in my own style and sticking with the same strategy of our Mentor, Chris Lee.


​I’m very pleased with the content of the course so far. Adjusting my mindset to the physiology of what happens to the brain when trading was helpful. Also, the spreadsheets for following the fundamentals are graphic and helpful.​

Dr Timothy Voll

​​Read a few times on each chapter, I can’t believe you put so much thought and effort into Icarus. Have to say a big ‘Thank you’. Its deeply hit my mind.​

Tony Tan

​​I think you really did a great job. You explained fundamental and sentiment analysis very well and I have never read something similar. It was really an eye-opener. The funny thing is also that the psychological aspect of the course was very strong. I dare to say that I am way further then the average trader on this subject and I even write articles on it, but I had several confrontational moments while going through module 1. Although I can imagine that several readers won’t like the truths in some of your messages, they are definitely very helpful for people who really want to be successful in the long run.​

Paul Verheij

​I have already closed 5 profitable trades in recent weeks since completing the program. This is the first time in many years that I’m making money and not losing.​

R. Plummer

​Now after reading through the whole Icarus Project a couple of times, I actually think you are a genius! It might look simple, but so incredible clever! I also have to say that your work rate and all the things you provide for the members of the Inner Circle is amazing. Thank you very -very much!

Jarle Amundsen

​Your trader education is first rate!  It’s refreshingly different than anything I’ve ever seen before.

Gregory Kendra

​I am enjoying the learning experience (and profitable trading) since I joined Icarus and innercircle. November/ December last year were 'finding me feet' months - but with healthy profits. My trading activity started from 1st January with January at a loss but healthy profits in February, March and April at 8, 10 and 6 percent respectively. I am at 65 trades year todate - which is a mix of trades I have initiated and following some of your trades.

​Kim W

​I HIGHLY value the information that you’ve put out. I LOVED both your eBooks and the Icarus Program and so far the inner circle is a GREAT place to further education. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Rodrick B​

​I finished the Icarus course. Thought I would give you some feedback.  I liked your approach.  I found it practical and in line with my own experiences in the market place. Your course was not cheap relative to the cost of many trading books so it was not an easy purchase decision but after completion of the course I am comfortable it was well worth the money spent and possibly worth far more than what you charged.

​Andrew Hyman

The course has been been a delight, in that, complicated content has been simplified and conveyed in an extremely concise and positive way and has remained interesting and thought provoking.

You have obviously put a massive amount of time, thought and effort into the presentation of this project .

Your personality shines through as an intelligent high achiever who has a willingness to not just share, but a positive and gifted teacher who will obviously help build financial freedom and belief for those willing to take a breath and consider the 'big picture 'during their development as traders.

​Harvey O

​I finished the Icarus program…….I have no words to describe the amazing knowledge you are giving with the Icarus … Amazing job..!!!!

​Claudio B

​​I have to admit that I have been through most of the buying, trying & testing all manner of things being offered in the market over about 15 months (horror-horror) but without hesitation the Icarus system has to be the most professional and detailed publication I have had put in front of me—the presentation alone instills confidence & the integrity behind the modules simply stands out. I have just completed the last module and have been successful with 396 pips (5 trades EU—could have been 3 trades if I have had the confidence to stay in longer—-still learning) since starting trading with the Icarus system on the 2nd May at the end of module 5.

Graham Paterson

​The advice Chris gives is sage indeed.

Rick Brimson

​This is one of the best purchases I made in the last 2 years. Pip Mavens pays for itself and the education and support they offer really made a huge difference on how I trade.


…some more praise i didnt mention before is that your course is unique. The ” Teach a man to fish” story is spot on. I have spent sh## loads on forex and never did i get somone explaining the fundamentals to me. And not just regarding forex but now i wanna buy a bit more sliver, get into a few well placed equities…but not too much (risk assets)!

Mark Richardson

​Thanks Chris… good stuff giving me a different perspective.


Just since using the methods I have managed to have two profitable months in a row (April and May) and look forward to continuing to review Icarus to keep the concepts in mind regularly. I will continue to practice Icarus as I have seen more progress in the last two months using this method then the previous first quarter of ​this year. Hitting the goal of 10% per month. Two good months and good start for third. April +399 pips, May +548 pips, June (so far)+140 pips.

Hunt Holladay

​I am a member from the Day One Chris opened the doors to Pip Mavens two years ago… . I will guarantee you with my experience and my results in the last two years: from a monthly loser before I learn from Chris, I am a monthly winner now, with a rate win/loss of 60% with all pairs I am trading now, a modest winner in my own account.

T. Muzha

​All in all, thumbs up from me. The part that really shined for me was 2-3 entries and stop on the trades, in 7 years of reading, buying crap and trading, this is the first time i have seen this and my god does it make good sense, so much so that in some cases you might be happy for it to trigger your 2nd entry LOL.

Julian M

As Chris says, no one is born to be a trader.  To make money trading, it takes self-awareness, emotional control, self-discipline, knowledge of the markets, a practical framework, continual practice, and considerable experience.  So, after checking out Chris's blog occasionally for 9 years, I finally decided to take his Icarus course owing to the obvious progress he has made, and - at 69 years of age - I'm happy I did.  Chris provides a comprehensive, challenging and realistic form of trading education that includes some rare behavioural insights and practical applications; and he does so with imagination and the voice of experience.  He has definitely increased my self-awareness and made me think harder about trading than anyone else I have checked out.  Therefore, if you are serious about trading currencies and managing your own financial future, I strongly recommend his course.

​Bruce ​R

​Found the course excellent – everything I’ve tried before now has always concentrated on the technical side, without any fundamentals. I am a programmer by trade, and technical methods are easy to code up and backtest (I’ve backtested hundreds of formulas – almost all fail if run over a long enough period). After reading through your course, it makes far more sense to work on the fundamentals, as they are driving the long term direction of the currency.

​Stephen ​B

My Offer

If you’re struggling with your trading… Icarus is what you need.

Why? Because this isn’t a “learn to trade” course. This is a full-fledged trader development program with a focus on building a sustainable trading account from scratch and deriving a lifetime income from it.

You won’t survive in the market unless you run your trading operation like a business. Most retail traders don’t get that.

​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

​Q: What's so special about ​Icarus, compared to other trading courses?

​A: Two things​. (​​1) It works, ​and (2) I can prove it.

​Unlike 99.9% of courses out there, this one is backed by a live trading account ​at a reputable broker and ​verified by a ​neutral ​3rd party (​Myfxbook).

​To my knowledge, ​no other trading educator - including the most popular ​gurus - ​​has been ​able to prove that they ​walk the talk.

Q: ​How big is the course?

A: ​Icarus contains ​over ​64,000+ words across 5 core modules, not ​including the illustrations, images, ​charts, videos and software tools.
There is ​no filler content, ​as we'll ​focus only on the information that is ​relevant ​to our trading.

​Q: Will I be able to ask questions as I go through the course?

A: Yes of course. If you are unclear about any of the course topics, just send me (Chris) an email and I'll personally clarify things for you.

​Q: Is there ​any ​further support after I finish the course?

​A: Here's something even better.

​​If you join Icarus today, you'll ​immediately get 3 months complementary membership to Icarus LIVE​, where you can ​watch me ​execute ​the Icarus method under '​Live' market conditions, on a daily basis. This means that you'll be able to ​experience the practical ​implementation ​of the course materials while you're​ ​learning about them.

​Later on, ​when the 3 months ​are up, you'll​ have the option to continue with the membership if you ​choose to stay on.

*​The complementary Icarus LIVE membership ​is limited and ​can be removed ​at any time without ​notice.


The concepts taught in this course are a MUST if you're serious​ about trading. So you need to decide if you want to figure all this out yourself, or you’d rather go with me.

I’ve been though what you’re going through now, more than ​14 years ago. I’ve come through it, and have been teaching others to do the same for the past ​8 years.

This is something that will impact every area of your life – your freedom, your finances, your satisfaction level, your partner and children, even the way people look at you. This is essentially the biggest decision on the quality of your life more than anything else. It’s going to be the biggest determinant of how your life works out.

So it’s ​just a question of whether you think this investment in yourself is worth it. I can show you the door, but you need to be the one to walk through it.

Invest In Your Financial Independence

Full access to Icarus is a one-time investment of $497.

​Pip Mavens Icarus
(​Forex trading course - ​digital version)


​Complementary 3 month membership to 'Icarus LIVE'


Secure Payment

​​If you have any questions or concerns about this course,
please ​contact me at ​chris[at]pipmavens[dot]​com.

See you on the inside!