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"A Relaxed, Hands-Off Way To Trade Forex"

​Hello, ​my name is ​Chris Lee.

​I'​m an independent Forex trader,

and ​author of the Amazon bestseller 'Forex Dreaming'.

In the next few moments I’m going to "re-frame" your reality … just a little — but enough to give you some big 'Ah-Ha!' moments.

I’m going to show you how to get to $500/mo trading Forex at the retail level, and then scale up to $3,000/mo​ or more.

The truth is … making $3,000/mo takes the same amount of work as it takes to make $500/mo.


Let’s say you start with ​$10K ​in trading capital.

A 5% monthly profit already guarantees a $500/mo cashflow into your bank account.

But if you choose to (and this is what I’d recommend), you can "rent out" your trading skills to investors to accelerate your income growth ... and this is where things start to get interesting.

You see … $200K of investor capital at a 5% monthly gain grows to over $280K after 7 months of trading. Charge a 20% performance fee, and you'd be earning over $2,800 every month.

Keep going for another 8 months, and you’d be looking at over $3,800/mo​.

Note that these are conservative numbers. ​With an average monthly return between 2% - 5%, you'll easily​attract more than $​​500,000 of investor capital ​within ​6 months, and well over $1,000,000 within a year​.

​​Now​ this might ​​sound like an exaggeration ... ​But I ​assure you, this is ​actually a low estimate.

​How do I know?

​Well, I've ​gone through ​the process and ​will show you how it's done.

​Verified trading account showing investor deposits​

​​​The thing is, investment funds are not scarce in this world. There​'s no lack of people looking to grow their money with a ​capable money manager or trader.

What ​is scarce, is ​the ability to ​get above-market returns with equal, or lower drawdowns.

​Think about it.

The mainstream investment crowd already pours tens of billions of ​capital each month into the stock market index ​that generates an average return of ​less than 0.​5% per month.

If you can generate a return of even ​2% per month, you'll have no lack of people clamoring to put money with you.

And, this is just the beginning.

​Even with a conservative 2% monthly return, you'​d be looking at a ​$2,000 monthly income after just 8 months.

Keep ​going ​for ​another ​6 months, and your income goes up to $​5,​144​/mo​.

From there, ​it quickly ​snowballs to $​1​1,​​085​/mo after just another ​5 months.


Don't be. That's the power of ​compounding at work.

​Trading ​income growth ​at 2% monthly ​return (conservative) ​while attracting ​investor capital

​Now ​of course, ​this is contingent ​on your ​ability to trade well.

And this is where Icarus comes in.

With your permission, I'd like to show you how you can apply a hands-off, relaxed trading approach to achieve these results.


Let's begin.

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