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​H​ello, ​my name is ​Chris Lee.

​I'​​m an independent Forex trader,

and​​​ ​author of the Amazon bestseller 'Forex Dreaming'.

In the next few moments, I'm going to invite you to​ my private news trading room.

Inside, I ​lead trading sessions for traders from all over the world.

It doesn't matter if you're new to trading, or if you have years of experience under your belt - the experience is the same for everyone in that room: we identify news events with profit potential, and position ourselves to make money when the news is released.

Here's how the process works:

  1. Before the start of each week, you'll get a list of news events we will be trading for that week.

  2. Ten minutes before each event, all members will log in to the live webinar room, where we will set up our trades in ​preparation for​ the news event. If the news meets our criteria, our proprietary software will kick in and manage the trades for us in real time.

  3. As we monitor the trade progress, I will occasionally issue instructions to everyone, for example, to deactivate the software, or to close any of the ongoing trades. Full instructions ​will be provided in advance.

  4. Each news trading session will typically be over within 30 minutes.

​The great thing about news trading is that it ​can be done part-time.

Since all trades are typically closed within 30 minutes​, you can ​completely shut off from trading until the next news event - you don't have to ​spend any ​additional time on trading​​ ​at all​​!

​And not only that, if you're going to be busy in the coming week, feel free to ​skip as many news trading sessions as you​ like. ​You can pick up exactly where you left of, with ​zero ​downsides or penalties.

​All this ​flexibility ​is ​what makes news trading​ the perfect side business.

  • You decide how much ​capital you ​want to invest​
  • ​You decide how much time you wish to spend on it
  • ​At any time, ​you can ​pause, stop, ​increase or decrease your stake in this ​business

There​'s no minimum ​capital requirement, and no lock-in ​period.

There is no other​ business in the world that offers ​such a combination of profit potential and ​flexibility​.

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​You just need​ an experienced trader to guide you ​along the way... and that's where I come in.

In ​​each trading session, I'll tell you exactly what to do, and when to do it. Heck, you'll even see me do everything ​'Live' during each webinar session​.

​All instructions will be provided, and everything has been planned with the ​utmost care.​

​This is as ​done-for-you​ as it's going to get - I'll do all the heavy analysis and preparation​ so you can just ​stroll in ​ten minutes before each news event and focus on​ ​growing your ​trading ​account.

Remember, ​this is proven to work with live​ performance ​results.​​​

Frequently Asked Questions

1. "What exactly is this ​membership about?"

The News Trading membership provides you with everything you ​need to be a​ part-time trader.
​All you have to do is ​follow along with Chris as he trades 'Live' ​during each webinar session.

Depending on the week, there can be anywhere from 1 - 5 news trading events, with each ​​trading event taking approximately 30 minutes.

​Our live results can be found here:

​2. "​How long will it take for me to get​ ​started​?"

​Assuming you have some basic ​trading knowledge, ​it should take you at most a week to​ ​start ​ trading along with Chris.

3. "​Am I guaranteed to make money?"

Please be mindful about this​. ​Any person or organization ​that​ guarantees ​any level of profit is ​being​ unethical. ​We can show you ​our ongoing 'Live' ​results, and ​we can ​say that our members are making money, but​​ ​regulation forbids us ​from ​guaranteeing any specific level of profit.​

Besides, ​there ​is no such thing as guarantees in trading - ​there are only probabilities.

4. "​Can I stop my membership at any time?"

​Yes, you ​may ​cancel at any time​. There is no minimum participation ​period.

5. "​Can I join later / at any time?"

​Sorry but no. Our slots are limited, and we are only ​open for enrollment a few times each year. Once the ​countdown timer expires, we will not be​ accepting​ new enrollments until the ​next time we open our doors.

6. "Is ​this ​membership suitable for everyone?"

​News Trading is suitable for anyone who ​understands the ​basics of Forex trading.​

​But I must WARN you, it's ​NOT suitable for everyone.

​News Trading is NOT for you if...

​You see trading a source of "quick ​money"

​You​'re looking for overnight results

​You think trading​ is ​a magic bullet​ to solve your money problems​

​News Trading IS for you if...

​You​'re willing to show up ​to the webinar sessions and ​do the work

​You​​'re focused on results over the next ​6 months, not the next ​6 weeks

​You are serious about part-time trading as a side business

​You​ believe in taking calculated risks​ for ​a worthwhile​ payoffs



The Macro membership ​is our flagship​ membership ​service. The usual fee is $47/mo, and it provides:

  • Economic data chart updates
  • Market sentiment updates
  • Currency bias updates
  • Fundamental narrative updates

While the News Trading membership is focused on short-term price movements, the Macro membership ​provides the big-picture context from which the short-term trade ideas are ​derived. As such, both memberships are great complements to each other.

​If you join the News Trading membership right now, ​​you will also get the Macro membership for FREE​! ​(​This bonus ​​may be removed at any time.)

News Trading


  • Full access to live news trading webinars
  • ​Full ​access to webinar archive videos