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​The Best Business in the World

You might already know that entrepreneurship is the most ​reliable way ​to ​attain wealth⁽¹⁾⁽²⁾.

The problem with ​running a business, however, is the cost.

If you consider all the expenses involved, even a smallest local business will easily burn through ​mid-​5 figures a year in overhead⁽³⁾.

And if the business fails - which ​happens to ​​half of all businesses ​after 5 years⁽⁾ - there's a good chance you'd be financially ruined.

That's the reality of traditional entrepreneurship​. ​It's a game where the costs of entry, participation and failure are exceptionally high.​

Unless you have ​a safety net (like Bill Gates who had rich parents), traditional entrepreneurship​ ​jsut doesn't make sense.

Now what if I told you​ there's a better game ​you can be playing, where the costs ​are ​much lower?


​Traditional Business

​Forex Trading Business

​Potential Reward


Very ​High

​Starting Effort



​Ongoing Effort



​Entry Costs



​Ongoing Costs



​Cost of Failure



​A Forex trading business ​not only avoids ​​most of the drawbacks of ​​traditional ​entrepreneurship, it ​provides many ​additional benefits as well.

​Here are ​some ​of them: