You will receive a copy of these instructions in your email.

A few pointers to get you started:

Telegram App

You'll need ​the (free) Telegram ​app to access ​the private trade signal channel.

If you don't have ​the app​, click here to download ​it and set up an account. Get ​it for your mobile phone so you can be immediately notified of all trade signals ​the moment they ​are posted.

​Tell Me Your Telegram Username

Email me (chris@pipmavens.com) the following details so I can invite you to ​the private channel​:

  • ​Your Telegram username (found under the 'Settings > Edit Profile' section, begins with @)
  • ​​The name ​on the credit card/Paypal account ​that was ​used to make ​payment

​Telegram Channel

The Telegram channel works via one-way communication.

​You'll be able to read the trade signals, but you will not be able to reply in the channel.

If you need to reach me​ for any ​matter regarding the ​trade ​signals, ​just drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Lot Size Calculation

The recommended lot size of each trade signal is based on $1,000 capital, so you'll have to multiply the lot size ​proportionately to match your ​account capital.

Example: If the trade signal lot size is ​4 micro lots, and your account capital is $5,000, you should be entering the trade with: (​$5000/$1000) x ​4 micro lots = ​20 micro lots, or ​2 mini lots.

Don't Chase ​the Market

​In most cases ​​there will be ample time for you to enter a trade at the ​signal entry ​price or better​. However, if the market price has already moved in favor of the trade for 10 pips or more, ​​just set a pending order and walk away - ​do not ​rush into a trade ​at a significantly worse price and chase the market. ​Don't stress over missing a trade​​, ​there's always ​another one ​coming right up.

​Dealing with Discomfort

​The lifetime of ​each trade ​will typically ​be ​full of ​discomfort. This is normal​. The best way to deal with this is to ​just check on ​your ​trades ​every ​​few days, or better yet, ​just once a week. The worst thing you can do is to keep checking ​them​ ​multiple times each day.

(​For US traders only)

​There will be rare ​occasions when I take hedging trades​. Since hedging ​on the same account is not allowed in the US,​ you'll ​​have to ​​execute all ​hedging trades on a ​separate account.

To be clear, this means that if there are hedging trades on the EUR/USD, you will take all the buy trades on one account, and all the sell trades on ​another account.

​Non-US traders can ignore this step ​as hedging trades can be taken on the same account.

​​​All right, that's all you need to ​get started.

​When the next trade signal is posted you ​will be ​notified of it ​immediately via Telegram.​

If you have any ​questions, ​you can reach me ​at: chris@pipmavens.com

See you in the Telegram channel!