​From: The desk of Christopher Lee

Location: Singapore

Date: 25 May 2020

Dear ​friends and subscribers,

My private trade signal service is now open for the next 3 days, and you are invited to be a part of it.

​Let's begin by first ​​taking a look at the ongoing performance ​results.​

Performance tracked and verified by Myfxbook

Performance statistics (to date):

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Net gain: 22.2%
  • Average monthly gain: 1.7%
  • Win rate: 60.9%
  • Average win: 86 pips
  • Average loss: 92 pips
  • Profit factor: 1.5
  • Maximum drawdown: 13.0%
  • Average trade duration: 12 days


Icarus is the proprietary trading strategy I've been using for the past 10 years.

It's a medium-term ​​​approach ​centered around fundamental ​(​macro-economic) analysis, where each trade ​is typically held between​ ​a few days​ and a few weeks.

​The ​trade signals you'll ​receive ​​are based on ​this trading method.


​​1) When​ever I'm about to take a trade, ​you'll receive​ a Telegram message with the following details:

  • Currency pair
  • Trade direction (Buy/Sell)
  • Entry price
  • Stop loss
  • Profit target
  • Lot size

​If you choose to, you can ​enter the same trade on your own trading ​account.

2) Be patient. The average trade duration is 12 days, so most of our time will be spent waiting for the trades to play out. Occasionally, you'll also receive a message to modify or close a trade. 

3) That's it. This process is meant to be simple and fuss-free for you.


​​Q: ​​How many trade signals can I expect to ​receive each week?

A: ​The number ​will vary depending on the market situation. Generally, you can expect to take ​0 - ​3 trades per week.

​​Q: ​Do you​ ​provide signals for​ ​markets other than Forex​?

A: ​No I don't. My area of ​expertise ​is ​Forex, so ​it's ​the only ​market ​I ​trade.

Q:​ What is Telegram?

A: ​Telegram is a free messaging app that works like Whatsapp/Line/WeChat. ​Whenever I post a trade signal, you​'ll be immediately informed via this app. ​If you don't have​ the app, instructions on how to ​get it will be provided.

Q: ​I'm new​ to ​trading. Is this service ​suitable for me?

A: ​This service is ​meant for people with at least a basic level of ​trading experience.​ If you don't know how to ​open/modify/close a trade order, this isn't suitable for you.

Q: Is each trade guaranteed to ​win?

A. Not at all. The statistics show that 2 in every 5 trades results in a loss. You need to be okay with this before joining.

Q: ​What does ​each trade signal look like?

A. ​Here's a sample. ​Note that the SL is ​a placeholder to guard against emergencies. ​99.9% of the time, ​we​'ll be closing our ​losing trades ​before the SL level is hit.

​​Q: ​How ​is the lot size ​​determined​?

A: ​The ​listed lot size ​is ​based on $1,000 ​of trading ​capital. In the example above, we see that the ​lot size is 4 micro lots. So ​if you​ are trading ​with a $5,000 account for example, you should ​be trading with 20 micro lots (or 2 mini lots) for this signal.

Q: ​​Will I learn how to trade with this service?​

A: ​The short answer is no. ​This service ​is focused on ​trade execution​ only ​- ​there will be no educational aspect to it.​

Q: ​Does this work ​with US-based trading accounts?

A: ​Yes - there is only one difference: ​on ​the rare ​occasions I take hedging trades, ​you'll ​​have to ​​execute ​the hedging trades ​on a​ separate trading account. (Hedging on ​the same account is not allowed in the US)

If you trade with a non-US broker, you don't have to take this step because you'll be able to execute hedging trades on the same account.

​Q: Can I cancel ​my subscription ​at any time?

A: ​Yes, ​of course​. If you wish to cancel for any reason ​just send ​me an email ​and your ​subscription will be canceled ​within 48 hours​.

Q: What if I have more questions or encounter ​problems?

A: Contact ​me (chris@pipmavens​.com) and ​I'll sort things out for you.


​You can test the ​​Pip Mavens Confidential Forex ​signal service over the next 30 days for just $17.

If you choose to stay ​after that, you ​can continue ​at ​​the ​rate ​of $​47/mo.

​Keep in mind that: 

  • This invitation is only open for the next 7 days, until May 13.
  • If this is offered again in the future, the membership fee will likely go up.
  • ​You ​may cancel ​at any time​. There are no contracts or lock-in period.

​To get started, click the 'Join Now' button below.​

​$1​7 ​the first month

then $​​47 per month