​From: The desk of Christopher Lee

​Location: ​Bangkok, Thailand

Date: ​1​​0 ​January​ ​2020

Dear Pip Mavens subscribers,

​In August ​last year, I began running a small-scale trade signal service.

With a ​small group of ​10 ​people, I ​began posting ​​my daily intraday trades ​in a private ​Telegram channel​.

Here's how we've ​perform​ed since then:


Live results ​verified by Myfxbook


Live results ​verified by ​Darwinex

Performance statistics:

  • Total trades: ​1​18
  • Percentage winning trades: 6​2%
  • Maximum drawdown: -3.1%
  • Average monthly gain:​ +2.​3%​​​
  • Profit factor: 1.​​78
  • Average trade duration: 7h ​3​4min


After ​running this signal service for 5 months with​ over 100+ trades​, ​we ​are now ​ready to take in ​a new ​batch of members ​and ​​would like ​you to ​​join us.

​Please note that ​availability ​is strictly ​limited, as ​​we will be keeping ​our group ​small​.​


Trading is ultimately about balancing ​return and ​risk.

​High returns alone are not necessarily ​better because we'd have to also consider the risk taken to get those returns.

​Consider two different ​traders:

  • [​Trader 1] ​30% gain with 10% drawdown
  • [​Trader 2] 50% gain with ​20% drawdown

​While ​Trader 2 achieved a higher return, ​he ​was actually the weaker performer because ​he took proportionately more risk (drawdown) to achieve those returns.

Put another way, if ​Trader 1 had taken the same amount of risk as ​Trader 2, ​Trader 1 would have gotten a higher return.

In this sense, ​our goal is ​not to get ​the highest possible returns per se.

​Our goal is ​to get the highest return-to-risk ratio.


1) Every weekday morning, I analyze 28 currency pairs to identify the best trade setups for the day.

2) Upon completing my analysis, I'll send you a Telegram message with the following details:

  • Currency pair
  • Trade direction (Buy/Sell)
  • Entry price
  • Stop loss
  • Profit target
  • Lot size

​These are the details of the trade I'll be taking that day. If you choose to, you can ​enter the same trade on your own ​account.

3) Wait for the trade to resolve. Occasionally, you'll receive another message to modify or close the trade. All trades will be closed by the end of each ​day.

4) That's it. This process is repeated daily, Mon - Fri.


Q: ​Do you​ ​provide signals for​ ​markets other than Forex​?

A: ​No I don't. My area of ​expertise ​is ​Forex, so ​it's ​the only ​market ​I ​trade.

Q: ​I don't know anything about ​trading. Is this service ​suitable for me?

A: ​This service is ​meant for people with at least a basic level of ​trading experience.​ If you don't know how to ​open/modify/close a trade order, this is not suitable for you.

​​Q: ​How ​does this signal service work?

A: Put simply,

  1. ​All trade signals will be posted​ in ​a ​private Telegram​ channel.
    (Telegram is a free ​messaging app that works like Whatsapp/WeChat/Line​)

  2. Every weekday at approximately 22:00 UTC time, ​you will ​receive ​trade signals​ in the channel.

  3. Throughout the day, ​you may ​receive ​additional trade ​signals, or instructions to ​modify/​close ​​​​existing trade orders.

  4. ​​All trades will be closed by the end of each trading day.

  5. This process is repeated ​every ​Mon - Fri.

​​Q: How much time ​do I have to spend following the trade signals each day?​

A: ​It takes less than 10 minutes (in total) to ​follow the trade signals throughout the day.

Q: Will I get trade signals every ​day?

A: You​'ll get ​trade ​signals on most ​days, but not every day. ​​Some​times, there are no good ​opportunities and the best thing to do is to stay out of the market.​

Q: ​What do​ ​the trade signals look like?

A: ​Here's a sample:​​

​​Q: Is each trade guaranteed to ​win?

A: No. ​Some trades will turn out to be​ losers.​ The idea is that over time, we ​end up ​with more winning trades than losing ones.

Q: ​What if I'm willing​ to​ take on more risk to get higher returns?

A: ​The suggested lot size​ of each trade signal is ​intentionally conservative. If you wish to take on more risk, you may ​consider increasing ​your ​lot size. Details on exactly how to do this will be provided.​

Q: ​​Will I learn how to trade with this signal service?​

A: ​The short answer is no. ​This service ​is focused on ​trade execution​ only ​- ​I will​ not be explaining why I'm taking these trades.​

​Q: Can I cancel this signal service at any time?

A: ​Yes, ​of course​. If you decide to cancel for any reason, ​​send ​over an email ​and your ​subscription will be canceled ​within 48 hours​.

Q: What if I have more questions or encounter ​problems?

A: Contact ​me (chris@pipmavens​.com) and ​I'll sort things out for you.


​As we'll be keeping our group small, ​we only have ​room for ​20 new members​​.​

Slots are available on a first-come-first-served basis.​

​Once the 20 slots are taken up, ​we'll be closing our doors permanently.


​You can test the ​​Pip Mavens Confidential Forex ​signal service over the next 30 days for just $17.

If you choose to stay ​after that, you ​can continue ​at ​​the ​rate ​of $77/mo.

​Please ​keep in mind that: 

  • ​This offer ​is only available to the next 20 people​​ who join
  • ​After ​​joining, ​you ​may cancel ​at any time​
  • ​We ​do not expect​ to open up any new slots​ ​for the rest of ​2020

If you're ​ready to get started, click the 'Join Now' button below.​

​$1​7 ​the first month

then $​77 per month


​Best regards,

​Questions? Contact ​me at ​chris@​pipmavens​.com