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Hello. My name is Chris Lee and I've been a currency trader since 2005.

For years, friends and family have been asking me to trade for them, but I never wanted to manage money.

Now, the latest trade copying technology enables anyone to automatically copy my trades, without me ever having access to their funds...

So I can keep trading as usual, while they sit back and watch their brokerage accounts grow along with mine.

The best part? It's 100% automatic and completely passive.

Would you like to copy my trades too?


​​The trade copying process ​is simple:

Th​is trade copying technology is native to the cTrader ​platform. ​You can find out more about it here.

​Simply put, ​the cTrader ​platform ​has an in-built ​function ​that allows for ​trade copying ​across trading accounts owned by different users.​

All you need to do is set up ​your own cTrader account and link it to ​mine. 

​Then, all the actions I take on my trading account ​will be​ automatically copied ​onto ​your trading account in real time.



1. Set up your ​cTrader account

First, you'll be directed to set up a cTrader ​account with ​my broker ​(IC Markets).
It's important for us to be ​trading with the same broker so ​your ​trades will be executed at the same prices as mine.
This setup process ​takes about 10 minutes​.


2. Receive my private key

Next, I'll send you a private key to link ​your trading account with mine.

This ​takes less than 5 minutes​.


​3. ​Sit back and ​let me work

N​ow, all trades I take on my trading account will be automatically and proportionately copied onto yours.

You'll have full control ​at all times and may stop copying my trades at any time you wish.


There will be no ​subscription fee for this trade copy service.

​To be fully transparent however, I'd like to inform you ​that I have a commission agreement with ​IC Markets.

Here's how it works.

When you trade with any broker, they typically charge ​a spread or commission fee for their services.​

​When you trade with ​IC Markets ​​under my recommendation​, I have an agreement with them ​​to pay me a portion ​of the ​​fee that they charge you.​

For example, ​when IC ​Markets charges you a ​$1 commission fee​,​ they​'ll pay me $0.2​5​.

So ​nothing extra will come out of your pocket - you pay the same ​brokerage fee as you ​normally would.​ IC Markets ​just sends a portion of that ​fee to me.​


The only fee ​for ​this trade copy service is a high-watermark performance fee of 25%.


Say you start with a $10,000 ​account​ and begin copying my trades.

At the ​end of month one, your account ​loses $​400 ​and ​ends ​up at ​$9,​600.

Obviously, no performance fee will be charged ​then.

​In month two your ​account grows to $9,​900. Since this amount is still below the highest point of your account (which is $10,000), you will pay no performance fees.

In month three, your account grows to ​$10,​300. For this month, the performance fee is:
(10,​300 - 10,000) * 25% = $​75  ​​(you keep $225​)

​In month four, your account grows to $1​0,​700. For this month, the performance fee is:
(1​0,​700 - 10,​300) * 25% = $​100  (you keep $300)

In month five, you account falls to $10,500. Since this amount is below the highest point of your account (which is $10,700), you will pay no performance fees.

​This way, you​'ll only ​be ​​charged ​a fee after ​I make money for you​ ​- ​nothing comes out of your own pocket.

​In other words, ​the risk is on me. If I don't ​make money for you, you don't pay a single cent​.


​While I won't be going into the full details of my trading strategy (for obvious reasons), ​here are some of ​its characteristics you should be aware of:

1) All trades ​will be closed by the end of ​each trading day

​This eliminates overnight risk and ​​rollover fees.​

2) All trades ​will be accompanied by a strict stop loss

Losing trades will ​be ​restricted ​to the risk parameters ​determined in advance.

3) I will not be taking trades every day

​I will only be trading when there are good ​opportunities in the market.


The ​performance result you see ​here is based on a conservative trading ​account.

This​ performance profile is suitable for ​accounts of 6 figures or more (>$100​k). ​The larger the account, the more ​conservatively you want to be trading.

This being said, ​​you​'re probably not looking to start​ with a $100​k account. ​Maybe in the future, but ​not ​right now.

​So ​for this trade copy service, I'll be adjusting the risk profile to something more suitable for smaller accounts (of ​below $100k).

What I'll be doing, ​specifically, ​is ​doubling the ​​trading lot size.​

​This means that ​when you copy my trades, you can ​expect​​ ​to get approximately twice ​the monthly return and ​drawdown you see here, on your ​account.

This way, you can:

  • ​Grow your capital at twice the speed​ of a larger account,
  • ​Without risking too much in terms of drawdown

​​This is exactly what I​'d do if I ​were to start ​with small account​. It's the best balance of fast growth and ​​controlled risk.​

Later, ​when you're ready to ​go with a large account, we can ​arrange for ​you to be trading more conservatively.


​​​How much profit can I gain from copying your trades?

​I cannot guarantee any specific level of profit (no ​honest ​trader ​can)​. I can only show you the results I've been getting. This is why ​the only fee I charge is ​a performance fee - ​you​'ll only pay ​a fee ​after​ I make money for you.​

​Will ​I have to install any software?

Nope​! ​You may download the cTrader ​​platform ​if you wish, but you don't have to. You can ​simply use their web application to ​access your ​​account.

​​Do ​I have to keep ​my computer running to copy your trades?​

No​pe!​​ Once your cTrader account is linked with mine, you can ​shut down your computer and your account will ​continue to copy trades from my account 24/7.

​Will my funds/account be safe?

Absolutely. The trade copying process is fully handled by cTrader, and your trading funds ​will be ​securely held a​t IC Markets under your name. I will have no access to ​your ​trading account whatsoever.

​​May I deposit/withdraw funds at any time?

Yes. You ​may deposit and withdraw funds any time you wish, just like you would a ​normal trading account.

​​What if I lose money?

​Before you join, please be aware that losses are part of the game. If losing money will cause you a lot of stress and unhappiness, this service isn't for you.

Also, ​please understand that this is not a "get rich quick" scheme. My aim is to deliver long term returns. If you are concerned about losing money over any specific day, week, or month, please do not join.

​Will I have to constantly monitor my account?

Nope. And I recommend that you don't. The best way to enjoy this service is to just set up your account and walk away, while checking in once ​every few weeks.

​What is the minimum deposit amount?

Th​e ​minimum ​amount ​required to copy my trades is ​USD ​1,​500​.

​Will I have to manually send you the ​performance fee each ​month?

​No. The cTrader software will automatically calculate and deduct ​any performance fees from your account at the end of each month.

​Can I use another broker that isn't IC M​arkets?

​Nope, ​​you'll need an IC Markets account for this to work.

​​​​Why should ​I join now, rather than later?

​​1. This works like compound interest. Starting early puts you in a much better position than starting late. Every day you ​wait is another day you're missing out on exponentially growing your ​​capital.

​​​​2. As more people join, I'll be raising the account ​deposit requirement.

​​3. ​All effective trading ​strategies have a ​limited carrying capacity beyond which returns start to diminish. As we approach that limit, I'll be​​ ​closing the doors to this service​.

​​​​W​ill you be keeping me updated?

​​​Yes. ​You'll be receiving a trading statement from IC Markets every weekday.

​Additionally, you'll be getting a personal ​email update from me every 8 - 10 weeks.

​​​​​Can I stop using this service at any time?

​​​Yes,​ ​and ​you ​won't even ​have to contact me about it. You can simply login to your cTrader ​account​and click the "​Stop ​Copying" button​.

​Ok, how do I join?

​Click the 'Join Now' button below to get started.

​Best regards,

​Questions? Contact ​me at ​chris@​pipmavens​.com