The first thing you'll need to do is join IC Markets and set up a cTrader account.

(If you've already joined IC Markets, follow these instructions instead.)

Step 1

Click here to register for an IC Markets trading account.

During the registration process, check the box labelled ​'I was referred by an Introducing Broker​' and fill in the ​'Refer ID​' field with this number: 6142

This tells IC ​Markets that you were referred by me.​

Step 2

At the ​'Configure your trading account​' section, select cTrader, and a raw spread account.

For your account base currency, select any currency you wish. (I recommend USD)

Step 3

Proceed on to complete ​the registration process. ​

(When​ prompted, set ​your cTrader account leverage to 1:500)

Upon completion of the registration process, IC Markets will send you an email with a link to log in to the secure client area.

After logging in, you'll be prompted to upload some documents to verify your identity. Go ahead and do that. This is standard industry practice required by all regulated brokers.

Step 4

Once your documents have been accepted, ​fund your cTrader account with a ​minimum of​ USD 1,500.

Step 5

Once your account has been funded, please email me your cTrader account number.

You can reach me at: chris [at] pipmavens [dot] com

Then, I'll send you a private ​key to link your cTrader account with mine.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

​Best regards,


If you already have an IC Markets account, all you​ need to do is send them the following email using the email account that you've registered with them:

Subject: Please place my account under Introducing Broker #6142

​Dear IC Markets,

​I would like to find out if my account is ​placed under Introducing Broker #6142.

If it isn't, ​please place my account under that Introducing Broker​ and kindly inform me when it's done.

Thank you and regards,
<Your Name>

Send this email to:

When IC Markets gets back to you with a confirmation email, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to ​the IC Markets secure ​client ​area and create a ​cTrader live account​:
    • Account: cTrader
    • Type: Raw spread
    • Leverage: 1:500
    • Account currency: Any (I reccomend USD)
  2. Fund your new cTrader account with a mininum of USD 1,500 (or equivalent)
  3. ​Email me ​your cTrader account number​

​That's it!

​After ​verifying your ​cTrader account, I'll send you a private ​key to link your account with mine.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at: chris [at] pipmavens [dot] com